Learning & Development

We generally recruit our employees from the open market and by referrals. We intend to use our best effort to attract and retain appropriate and suitable personnel to serve us. We assess the available human resources on a continuous basis and will determine whether additional personnel are required to cope with our business development.

To keep our employees abreast of new knowledge and skills, we organise training programmes to our employees such as workshops on leadership skills and communication skills. It is our belief that the provision of opportunities to continuing education and advanced training can both increase our staff member’s competence and work efficiency and enhance job satisfaction and loyalty.

In order for our new employees to familiarise with their respective job requirements and the relevant regulations and rules, they are required to attend training programmes before job commencement. In addition, our new employees are subject to a probation period of three months. Upon expiry of the probation period, the relevant supervisors will decide if permanent employment status will be granted to the new employees based on their performance.